Travel Documentation:
All Guest must have a Valid Passport to enter Greece.  To obtain a U.S. passport please click here
Air Travel:
Athens International Airport – ATH

Covid Travel Requirements:
We strongly recommend that all guests signing up for this trip be vaccinated.
**Vaccinated guests will need to show there vaccination card to enter into Athens and checking into each hotel.  Many restaurants, bars, & clubs ask you to present your vaccination card before entering their establishment, so we recommend always keeping your vaccination card on you during the trip.
**If you are NOT vaccinated, you must present a negative covid test within 72 hours of your arrival into Athens and at check in for each hotel.  You may also be asked to present a negative covid test to enter into restaurants, clubs, & bars.  You are responsible for keeping up with your 72-hour negative covid test results to comply with any Greek establishment that requires it. Each hotel offers covid testing at 60-120 euros ($70-$140), at guest expense.

All guests will need to take a covid test within 24-72 hours before departing Greece, to enter back into the United States.  Each hotel offers covid testing at 60-120 euros ($70-$140), at guest expense. Travel Requirements are expected to adjust, which we will continue to monitor and update all registered guests.

Travel Tips:
Time difference in Greece:
·      7 hours ahead east coast time
·      8 hours ahead central time
·      10 hours ahead of west time
Booking Your Arrival Fight for Greece:
You will need to depart from your city on Thursday, September 8th.  Our Meet & Greet in Athens is from 12pm-5pm on September 9th
We recommend selecting a flight that has you arrive in Athens so you can make it to our Meet & Greet. 
You will be able to check into the hotel anytime on September 9th and we will have late check in available after our Meet & Greet.

Departing Greece: Our trip ends September 16th
Additional Add Ons:

Day 8 | September 16th – Bus Transfer from Santorini hotel to ferry – $15/pp
Day 8 | September 16thFerry from Santorini to Athens – $75/pp
To Book Your Bus Transfer AND/OR Ferry back to Athens on September 16th please click here

We recommend booking your flight no later than 3 months in advance. 
Preferred flight search engines:
·      Kayak:
·      Expedia:
Best Time to Buy Airline Tickets
Studies shows Tuesday is the cheapest day to book international and domestic economy tickets and Saturday and Sunday are the cheapest for premium air flights. The worst day to purchase a ticket is Thursday and Friday.

to get from Athens to Mykonos AND Mykonos to Santorini
We will be traveling as a group on Sea Jet Ferries
You will receive your ferry tickets at our Athens check-in

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