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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Greek currency?

It is Euros. We recommend going to your bank before leaving the United States to do your currency exchange. Please get enough euros to cover your tips, taxis, and covid tests for the week. This will avoid ATM or international money exchange fees.

For more information on how to exchange dollars to Euros please click here

  • How should I pack?

We can’t stress enough to pack light. Bring 1 medium size suitcase and a travel bookbag/large purse. You are Island hopping through Greece and hopping on and off ferries to each island.  You are responsible for being able to pull & carry your bags and occasionally lift your bag on and off the ferries.  We kept the themes simple, so you don’t over pack. Please plan your outfits so you can travel with ease.

  • What is covered in my package?
    • 8 days and 7 nights of accommodations
    • Your 2 ferry transfers to Mykonos and to Santorini (traveling as a group)
    • Your shuttle transportation from Hyatt Grand Athens to the ferry
    • Your shuttle transportation from the Mykonos ferry to Myconian Collection Hotels.
    • Your shuttle transportation to the Sunset boat party in Mykonos 
    • Your shuttle transportation from Myconian hotels to ferry.
    • Your shuttle transportation from ferry to Caldera Collection Hotels in Santorini.
    • Your 8 events including open bar & food on the Sunset boat party (there will be no open bar at any other scheduled events)
    • Full American breakfast everyday at your hotel.
  • What is not included?
  1. Airfare to and from Athens
  2. Transportation to and from Athens Airport
  3. Your transportation to the events not held at the hotels, excluding the boat party.
    • Secret Garden party
    • Beach Club Takeover
    • SIP wine tasting – discounted group booking will be available 1 month prior
    • Odyssey Black & Gold Affair
    • Farwell Happy Hour
  4. Your ferry from Santorini to Athens
  5. Your transportation from Santorini hotel to ferry
  6. Lunch & Dinner 
  7. Your sightseeing, local activities, and excursions
  • What day should I depart the United States to get to Greece by Day 1 of the trip?

You will need to depart from your city on Thursday, September 8th.  Our Meet & Greet in Athens is from 12pm-5pm on September 9th

We recommend selecting a flight that has you arrive in Athens so you can make it to our Meet & Greet.  You will be able to check into the hotel anytime on September 9th and we will have late check in available after our Meet & Greet.

  • What is the time difference in Greece?
  • 7 hours ahead east coast time
  • 8 hours ahead central time
  • 10 hours ahead of west coast time
  • I want to extend my stay in Greece or Arrive Early?

You will need to book your ferry and hotel on your own to extend your stay.

If you want to extend your Santorini stay or travel to another Greek island click here to book your ferry ticket

If you are departing Santorini with the group you can purchase a group transportation package here 

  • What happens if I miss my flight or my flight is Delayed?

There will be no refunds or partial refunds if your flight is delayed or cancelled entering into Greece causing you to miss day(s) of the trip.

  • Please explain the different packages?

Please click on our price page for the breakdown of our trip packages

  • When should I book my excursions and local activities in Greece?

We will provide links of a tour supplier for popular Greek excursions and activities 1 month prior to the trip.

  • What are the bed types in each hotel?

You need to select in your check out what bed type you request. You can select 1 Bed or Double beds. Most resorts have 2 twin beds for their rooms with 2 beds. Santorini has limited double bed rooms and their rooms with 1 bed are either Single Queen or Single King rooms.

Myconian hotel does offer a 3rd bed option for some of their rooms. Please email us if you would like more information on receiving a 3rd bed.

Most hotels are set up to accommodate 2 occupants comfortably.  We recommend booking either a Single or Double occupancy package to be comfortable in your room.

  • What is required to travel into Greece?

All guests must have a valid passport to travel to Greece.

  • What is Greece current covid requirements?

We strongly recommend that all guests signing up for this trip be vaccinated.

  • If you are NOT vaccinated, you must present a negative covid test within 72 hours of your arrival into Athens and at check in for each hotel.  You may also be asked to present a negative covid test to enter into restaurants, clubs, & bars.  You are responsible for keeping up with your 72-hour negative covid test results to comply with any Greek establishment that requires it. Each hotel offers covid testing at 60-120 euros ($70-$140), at guest expense.
  • All vaccinated guests will be able to enter into Athens and checking into each hotel by showing their vaccination card.  Many restaurants, bars, & clubs ask you to present your vaccination card before entering their establishment, so we recommend always keeping your vaccination card on you during the trip.
  • What are the current covid requirements to enter back into the United States?

All guests will need to take a covid test within 72 hours before departing Greece, to enter back into the United States.  Each hotel offers covid testing at 60-120 euros ($70-$140), at guest expense.

  • How do I get around in Greece to visit local attractions, restaurants, and excursions?

Athens uses Uber and all 3 cities have plenty of taxis. You can ask the front desk of your hotel to call you a taxi when you’re ready to depart your hotel.  For taxi service on your way back to the hotel, ask prior to getting out of your taxi when being dropped off, if there is a taxi stand. If not get your taxi drivers business card to call their company when you’re ready to depart. We will provide some numbers of taxi companies on the event schedule during the trip.  Please have Euros for your taxi service.